My Tires Have No Holes—So Why Are They Going Flat?


Gear shift lock release

This video does a good job of showing how to release your gear shift if it becomes locked.  Although the video uses a Toyota in the demo, other makes and models work the same way.  I recently had my gear shift lock when I parked my car the other day because my brake switch failed, and thus even though my foot was on the brake, no signal was sent to communicate that my brakes were on, which is required to allow the gears to be shifted.  So my car was running, and I could shift in drive and neutral, and nothing else.  And I could not remove my key unless I could shift my car into park.  Luckily, I was able to take another key off my key chain, and use it to pop off the shift release cover and then use the key to press down the lever like the video shows, which allowed me to shift the car into park and remove my other key from the ignition.  I later had my brake switch replaced for $144 and the problem was fixed.